All-round views

No blind-spots, 360° all-round, digital video on all your vehicles, no matter what size they are. Access video from any point in the past month, at any time.

Live streaming

High-quality cameras, which can be discrete and well-hidden, while offering all-round high-definition video that you can access in live streams at any time.


While we offer tracking on vehicles, we also offer the option of full integration with WEBFLEET from TomTom Telematics: all the benefits of ICanProve.IT 2017, within your familiar WEBFLEET portal.


Automated tachograph data collection and analysis. Professional management and infringement reporting gives you an excellent overview through an easy-to-use cloud portal.


Video material, phone call recordings and completed insurance reports are all stored on a secure e-litigation platform, designed to be acceptable to law courts.

Simple to use

Whether you choose to access video and other data through WEBFLEET or our own map-based interface, you will find our system very easy and intuitive to use.


ICanProve.IT has been so successful exactly because it brings together a range of different expertise

Gavin Urtel

Founding Director

Gavin's ideas, technology, business and communications knowledge started the ICanProve.IT journey

Zoe Hunnisett

Project Manager

Expertise in getting people to do what they're told – when they're told to do it: it's all in the planning

David Shall

Co-Founder and Shareholder

David's background in transportation and design services has been crucial in evolving the Videmus product

Ali Bailey

Communications Manager

Trying to turn technical language in to plain english

Mark Baker

Technical Services Manager

Mark's technical expertise built our working interface; behind the scenes, he makes ideas become reality

Michelle Urtel

Finance Manager / Co-Founder

ICanProve.IT benefits from Michelle's clear financial management, direction and practical good-sense

Mike Openshaw

Solutions Integration Manager

Mike solves problems and builds solutions – bringing multiple technologies in to one cohesive whole

Will Batchelor

Field Service Manager

Working out of ICPI’s Uckfield office, Will takes care of our clients and fitters in the South East


The story of ICanProve.IT shows the importance of vision combined with innovation, and a pinch of technical know-how

Our Journey

Following a 'eureka' moment while riding his bike, Gavin Urtel knew that he and his team could build a solution that would change the way drivers, particularly those who drive for a living, protect themselves on the road. Starting as a way of combatting crash-for-cash or similar attacks on fleet vehicles, and through conversations with key partners, ICanProve.IT was born. This is new combination of technologies that brings together:

  • High quality, HD, digital video cameras
  • All-round (full 360° with no blindspots) vision
  • On-board processing and mobile data connectivity
  • Safety-first driver support that accesses emergency services
  • Integration with insurance companies that expedites claim processing
Since that day, this product has continued to evolve to incorporate newly available technologies from around UK, Europe and the World to build a truly modular solution. Fleets can choose only those modules that work for them. Incorporating their existing technologies, like WEBFLEET from TomTom Telematics, where appropriate. And our experience shows that this technology is quickly transformative. Allowing your teams to connect in ways you might not expect. ICanProve.IT is proud to be part of Turtel Inc Group.

We are

  •   4 Gleneagles Court, Brighton Road, Crawley, RH10 6AD
  •  company number 9055249
  •   WORKSHOP: 12 Spring Gardens, Park Lane, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2QN


There is nothing quite like real world experience to show how technology can impact on, and transform, the way you work.
The ICanProve.IT support team have been amazing. No matter what my query has been, the team have got straight back to me, providing training where needed and always very helpful. When our driver was accused of scratching another vehicle in a car park – he knew he had not touched it. With the Videmus surveillance system, we [@Taziker Industrial] were easily able to prove lack of contact between these vehicles. In many ways, this is a small story. But it is the sum of many small stories like this that combine to create the daily ‘fire-fighting’ that fleet management can entail.

Taziker Industrial

Strengthening and Structural Refurbishment
Since the very start of our ICanProve.IT pilot scheme, it's been clear that this is transformative technology.
The Videmus surveillance system has transformed the way we [@Lime Logistics] connect our office and on-the-road teams. From our desks, we can understand blocked roads, flooded quarries, or late deliveries without any explanation or excuse. And from their cabs, our drivers can share real-world experiences; we are by their side, seeing their point of view.

Lime Logistics

Keeping the Construction Industry Moving
ICanProve.IT has rapidly made an impact on Berendsen fleet dynamics. For any incident over a certain level (harsh braking, swerving, etc), we get an automatic video file. It’s easy to see what happened and, in a daily debrief, we can share that with the driver. The positive impact on driving behaviour has been incredibly encouraging. The greatest benefit, though, has been when claims do happen. No more sketches, no more chasing people for written accounts. We know what happened, can prove what happened, close the case and move on. At Berendsen, we are using ICanProve.IT cameras, sensors and connectivity daily, and they’re proving to be very helpful.


Value-added textile, hygiene and safety solutions
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